- Offshore Jobs Are Booming, Despite the Recession

Business is booming for companies like Rigworker , who help fill the many vacant jobs on offshore oil rig platforms. Despite the recession, offshore jobs in the oil and gas industry are booming. Due to the long lead time to start new drilling projects offshore, and the continued recovery in oil and gas prices, the number of offshore jobs available continues to grow.

With new projects coming on line in the Gulf of Mexico as well as off the Canadian seaboard, offshore jobs are plentiful, and wages are expected to grow dramatically over the next few years.  Rigworker projects continued growth in the need for new workers to fill the need for offshore workers.

"Demand is high, and is only going higher", stated one industry expert. "We simply can’t find enough qualified people. Heck, we can’t even find enough unqualified people. If people are looking for entry level positions, now is the time."

Rigworker informs us that there are just as many entry level offshore jobs available now as there are for the more experienced drillers and engineers.  Riggers, Crane Operators, Roughnecks and Roustabouts are all in high demand, as are openings in the catering department, for cooks, galley hands, stewards and housekeepers.

This creates opportunity for those who are committed to working offshore for any length of time – career opportunities. It is not uncommon for people to start at the bottom and eventually move up to high-ranking positions.  Many Offshore Installation Managers have gotten their start as Roustabouts.

"The sky is really the limit", another industry expert told us. "For those getting in now, as the economy recovers, they are simply going to make a fortune. Wages will skyrocket."

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