Offshore Welding and Underwater Welding Jobs

Offshore Welders
The Welder ($62,000) is responsible for carrying out repairs and modifications in accordance with the Maintenance Supervisor’s instructions. His work also includes maintenance and service of all welding equipment. An education as Certified Welder is required for this position. There above water welders, and underwater welders. The above water welders fall into two categories. First are the rig welders. They are permanently on one rig and carry out all day to day repairs and building of new metalwork. They are always busy. Then there are the roving welders. When there is a big project often a squad of roving welders are hired to finish the job quickly. These guys move from rig to rig wherever their company has a contract.

Underwater Welders
Underwater welders earn considerably more; $80,000 is the low end, and day rates can approach $900-$1000. For a guide on how to start a career as an underwater welder, see . For advice on choosing a good underwater welding school, read the following article:

There is a lot of underwater welding work available, and more coming on line in the very near future. In particular, there is going to be a lot of work in the North Sea. The North Sea is a mature oil field, and many rigs and other structures will be decommissioned starting now, and going on until 2015. Much of the work will be performed by underwater welders.

Required Skills and Qualifications
From the Commercial Diving Academy:

“The skills and qualifications suggested for entering the field of underwater welding are generally recognized as an experienced welder-diver with commercial diving skills. This means you should be familiar with the use of specialized commercial diving equipment, have an understanding of diving physiology, safety, rigging, the underwater environment and communication. You should also be proficient in weld setup and preparation skills such as those tasks typically assigned to a fitter or rigger, such as materials alignment and materials preparation including beveling, stripping of concrete, fitting a steel patch or repair plate. In addition, you will have to certify to a required underwater weld procedure.”

Underwater Welder-Diver Training and Certification
Listed here are a few of the better diving and underwater welding training centers. It is to great advantage for experienced divers to acquire additional training as underwater welders and welding inspectors.

* US diver welding training school in Houston with courses for commercial divers, underwater welding and burning.

* Training for NDT welding inspectors ( level 2 ).

* Underwater welding school ( US ) with option for International welding certification and non-destructive testing levels I & II from UK.

* Air / Mixed Gas Commercial Diver course ( US – Jacksonville, FL ), 16 weeks (720 hrs), total cost USD 17.400 (about USD 24/hr). Including NDT underwater levels I & II

* List of commercial diver training schools

* Onshore /Offshore API, AWS, and NDT training schedule for year 2009 (requires Adobe Acrobat) Schedule.pdf

* Worldwide list of Welding Inspection and NDT courses ( UK ) – certification ( CSWIP )

* UK diving school with underwater cutting and welding courses, AWS or BS certification.

* UK national commercial diving school with courses for commercial air and mixed gas divers, ROV pilots / technicians, and Assistant Life Support Technicians. CSWIP 3.1U Non Destructive Testing course for divers with a minimum qualification of HSE Surface Supplied or equivalent, 2 weeks.

* Offshore wet welding diving courses at The Underwater Centre, Freemantle – Australia. ADAS [ ADAS Part 1, 2, and 3 ] certification up to Dive Supervisor. The training centre can assist in finding employment after successful training.

Wages for Offshore Underwater Welding

Note: Actual salaries depends on project location and years of experience. Underwater welders are typically paid by the project. Salary depends on the skill set needed for each specific project. Once you have a portfolio of completed projects the amount you can charge increases dramatically

* Underwater welder – Gulf of Mexico, US $80,000 year.
* CSWIP 3.2 Inspection Divers – Gulf of Thailand, USD 450 per day.
* Underwater welder-diver – Offshore Australia, USD 870 per day.

Welders and Underwater Welders Offshore Job Finding Assistance

If you don’t have previous offshore experience, your chances are improved if you have any kind of technical work background. This can include experience as a welder, fitter, engineer, electrician, technician or mechanic. If it is possible, the best way to land drilling jobs or other oil rig jobs is to apply in person – there are many unadvertised jobs offshore. Obviously, the person whose face is in the office asking for work every week or two is going to stand out above all the other applicants.

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