Offshore Mechanical, Scaffolding and Storeroom Jobs

The Mechanic ($72,000) has the responsibility to carry out the maintenance and inspections of the mechanical equipment and systems on board the rig. To obtain the position of a Mechanic, some years’ working experience as a Motorman is preferred.

Motorman \ Assistant Mechanic
The Motorman \ Assistant Mechanic ($57,500 – $65,000) assists the Mechanic in his daily work. To qualify for the position as a Motorman, the applicant must be a Certified Fitter or Mechanic or hold a corresponding education.

Scaffolders ($60,000); are not usually tied to any one rig. They go to different installations depending on where their company has work.

Materialsman (Storeman)
The Materialsman ($60,000) is responsible for maintaining the rig’s stock of spare parts at the specified level. He also ensures that all stock items are properly stored and labeled and that all certificates are present. Responsible for the maintenance of the stores and stock ordering and receiving. Must be computer literate. One drawback of this comfortable job is that on smaller rigs with only one storeperson they sometimes have to get up at all hours to check the cargo coming off the boat.

Mechanics, Materials and Scaffolders Offshore Job Finding Assistance

If you don’t have previous offshore experience, your chances are improved if you have any kind of technical work background. This can include experience as a welder, fitter, engineer, electrician, technician or mechanic. If it is possible, the best way to land drilling jobs or other oil rig jobs is to apply in person – there are many unadvertised jobs offshore. Obviously, the person whose face is in the office asking for work every week or two is going to stand out above all the other applicants.

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