Offshore Crane and Rigging Jobs


A rigger is anyone who attaches or detaches lifting equipment to loads or lifting devices on fixed offshore platforms. This is the next step up from the offshore Roustabout position. Offshore rigging jobs lead immediately into the Crane Operator position.

Crane Operator

The Crane Operator is responsible for all crane operations on board the rig. He is
foreman for the Roustabouts whom he supervises during loading and discharging
of supplies from the supply boats and during transfer of equipment on board the
rig. The offshore Crane Operator must hold an Offshore Crane Operator Certificate and
have experience working as a Roustabout and Rigger.

Offshore Crane Operators and Rigger Training

* Offshore Crane Operator courses and Rigging Courses

* Crane Operator’s Certificate Program – Canada, 26 weeks. Offers both offshore and land based mobile crane operation training and certification

* UK and US Offshore Crane Operator training centre (Sparrows 1-3)
* OPITO approved Rigger courses with certificates.

Offshore Crane Operators and Rigger Wages

Note: Actual salaries depends on Crane Operator certificate level and years experience.

* North Sea Crane Operators 14 days on / 14 days off – US $ 5.000 per month.
* Nigeria Offshore Crane Operators – $400\day

Riggers and Crane Operators Offshore Job Finding Assistance

If you don’t have previous offshore experience, your chances are improved if you have any kind of technical work background. This can include experience as a welder, fitter, engineer, electrician, technician or mechanic. If it is possible, the best way to land drilling jobs or other oil rig jobs is to apply in person – there are many unadvertised jobs offshore. Obviously, the person whose face is in the office asking for work every week or two is going to stand out above all the other applicants.

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