- Offshore Jobs Recruiting Firms Find Success By Finding People Jobs

Due to the high demand for offshore workers in all categories, business is taking off for offshore oil and gas industry employment services. One such success story is Rigworker , a company dedicated to helping hard workers find jobs on offshore oil platforms. Active membership with the Rigworker company is now well over 10,000. Rigworker works with over 1200 oil and gas companies and drilling contractors in placing people in high-paying jobs.

Business for Rigworker has been skyrocketing, as the company has a reputation for getting results – namely, helping workers find jobs offshore. What we found when exploring the Rigworker service deeper is that they do, in fact, generate good results for those that use them.

Potential offshore employees aren’t limited to those companies that send emails. Rigworker also sends regular updates about hot opportunities and companies that need workers asap, and provides direct contact information so that subscribers can take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities.

"With the type of money these positions pay, you’d think they wouldn’t have any problem finding qualifed people", one industry expert told us. "But the facts are, these jobs offshore are hard to keep filled. Things happen, and people quit, or get fired on purpose, or simply don’t like being away from home that long."

According to Rigworker , this high turnover means great opportunities for those who are are serious about working offshore – career opportunities. "It really is the chance of a lifetime", one industry veteran informed us. "We are about to enter the Golden Age of offshore oil drilling and exploration. Those who get in now will simply make mint".

For more information on Rigworker and the service they provide, visit Rigworker today.

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