Offshore Roughneck Jobs


Offshore Roughneck Jobs

A Roughneck ( Floorhand ) may be the basic level position with an offshore rig Drilling Section. This is actually the guy who handles the drilling pipes, hooking up them because they drill much deeper with huge hydraulic clamps. This is actually the physically most demanding job from the entire drill crew & it’s possible to strive labor 12 hrs straight throughout a drill operation. Offshore, it’s simplest to obtain a job like a Roustabout first, and several experienced roughnecks will require Roustabout jobs offshore simply to prove themselves, and discover the ropes offshore as things are a little different out in the center of the sea.


Wages for offshore Roughnecks run from 60 to 70k

Obtaining a Roughneck Job Offshore
Should you just not possess previous offshore experience, your odds are enhanced for those who have any type of technical work background. This could include experience like a welder, fitter, engineer, electrical installer, specialist or auto technician. If it’s possible, the easiest method to land an offshore job or any other oil jobs is to use personally acquired contacts; then can you  find many unadvertised jobs offshore. Clearly, the individual whose face is incorporated in the office requesting work every couple of weeks will stick out most importantly another candidates.

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