Entry level offshore jobs are where everybody starts. Working offshore can be a unique world, in the types of jobs available along with the lifestyle of having six months off each year. And it isn’t tied to those with who have done it before though it is fairly simple to get hired with an offshore rig with out having been on one previously (the majority of us were in this boat at one time). You can find, in reality, multiple employment categories where prior offshore experience isn’t a requirement.

Many of the elementary employment opportunities offshore include Floormen or Roughnecks, Roustabouts, Crane Operators and Riggers, Painters, Storekeepers and Store Room Personnel, Housekeepers, Scaffolders, Mechanics and Electricians, Welders and Underwater Welders, Medics, Radio Operators, Stewards, Chefs and Cooks.

There is scope for drilling employment and go to countries including: Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, America, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Mexico, Russia, Norway, China, Canada along with the United Kingdom.

Typically salaries for roustabouts and roughnecks (drill deck workers) are approximately US $300 – $500 daily. Annual salaries end up being approximately US $60,000.00 to $80.000.00 plus (for 6 months work per year in order to work many make more, you could accomplish that too). Elementary positions typically make between US $50,000 &ndash US $80,000 per year. Trades, technical and professional positions will probably earn between US $70,000 &ndash US $220,000 each year. You can rise the ladder fast with this business, plus it isn’t uncommon to start at 50-60k and turn into making 80-90k by 50 % years, as well as over 100k in five.


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