Offshore Cooking Jobs


Camp Boss
The Camp Boss is responsible for running the catering department. He oversees the chefs, cooks, night bakers, stewards, and housekeepers. The rig crew work long, hard hours, and an important part of running the operation is ensuring they have adequate energy and good morale. Ensuring that the kitchen puts out great tasting and nutritious food is what the Camp Boss does every day. He is assisted in this responsibility with a small crew of Chefs, Cooks, Night Bakers, Galley Hands and Stewards \ Stewardesses. Four to Six main courses are prepared and served every 24 hours, split into 12 hour shifts, so that both shifts get good meals. The Camp Boss also manages the Stewards and Stewardesses, ensuring that the rig’s recreation areas, downtime areas and, living quarters are kept clean, and the laundry completed.

Chef \ Head Cook
For the Chef or Lead Cook position, while previous offshore experience isn’t a requirement, previous cooking experience is. The quality of offshore food preparation is often comparable to the fare one would receive in the nicer Hotels and Restaurants; the food is good, nutritious, and there is lots of it. The Chef plays an important role in keeping morale high among the drilling crews; looking forward to a good meal goes a long way in maintaining job satisfaction. Therefore, for the Chef position, the catering contractor will wish to look at resumes of those with fine dining and Chef or Sous Chef experience; experience managing a kitchen is a must. This is not an entry-level cooking position, one is expected to have a proven record of preparing quality food. However, those with less experience will be considered for the Galley Hand or Assistant Cook or Sous Chef position. Salaries run from the mid 60s – 70s, depending on the rig, the catering service company one is working for, and experience

Night Baker
This is a very important position on the rig. All bread onboard is baked by the night baker, as well as pastries, muffins and desserts. On smaller rigs, this may be rolled up with the Assistant Cook \ Sous Chef as one job; on larger rigs, the positions will be two separate jobs. Offshore Night Baker wages will run from the 50s to 60s.

Assistant Cook
Most people with experience seeking an offshore cooking job will start here. The Assistant Cook will work the night shift. This is a great position in which to obtain one’s first offshore job. The Assistant Cook will prepare meals according to the recipes and directions of the Chef or Lead Cook. If you do a good job, and prove capable of running the kitchen in the Chef’s absence, you can move into a Lead Cook or Chef’s position fairly quickly. Offshore Assistant Cook wages \ salary will range from the mid 50s to mid 60s.

Getting Hired for Offshore Cooking Jobs

If you don’t have previous offshore experience, your chances are improved if you have any kind of professional kitchen background. This can include experience as a cook, chef, baker, busboy and so on, If it is possible, the best way to land offshore cooking jobs or other oil rig jobs is to apply in person – there are many unadvertised jobs offshore. Obviously, the person whose face is in the office asking for work every week or two is going to stand out above all the other applicants.

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