After investigating many oil job web sites and guides, we feel that the best value and service is proved by Rigworker.

Rigworker is the best choice for those seeking offshore jobs. They will help you create a custom resume \ CV, and show you which companies to host it as a web page, as well as point you to the best sources for active job listings which you can search at any time.

When you go through the kit and find a job description that interests you, or when you are satisfied with your resume \ cv, you will be shown how to forward it as an individual email the hundreds of oil and offshore companies they work with.

They will also supply a huge list of companies that are hiring you can supplement your job search with, and keep you updated on which companies have immediate openings. I’ve used it myself, and it does work as described. Rigworker is probably the single best choice for entry level workers.

For those with more experience, or those who would rather create and forward their resume themselves, the The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit is just as great a choice. They provide all the resources needed – oil company hiring contacts, recruiter contacts, job listing resources, and web sites you can post your resume on. They also provide a great deal of current information on the industry, the types of jobs available and how much they pay, and do cover offshore employment as well.

The The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit is a great resource and provides a lot of value, and has helped thousands of people land jobs. If you are serious about getting an offshore job, The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit will definitely help. If you are more interested in land based jobs, then the resource kit is still your best bet, as they cover it all. The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit is completely guaranteed.