offshore oil rig

Welcome to the Offshore Oil Rig Jobs Advisor! We specialize in helping people get hired for offshore jobs by providing information, education and oil rig job employment resources with the goal of enabling people to land offshore oil rig jobs. We provide up-to-date info on the jobs market offshore, and describe available positions as well as their wages and salaries.

For entry-level workers, we will show you how to break into offshore work, point you towards the best roughneck and roustabout training programs, and endeavor to provide a clear picture on what it is like to work in the oil industry, offshore in particular.

This is a great time to get into the industry. With the economy emerging from recession, drilling activity is picking up, oil prices are rising, and exploration activity worldwide, especially offshore, is gearing up for a massive boom.

Long term, offshore employment is going to simply explode – as will wages and salaries. Peak Oil is a reality, and that means as world oil supplies run low, offshore drilling and exploration will soar to take up the slack. There will come a rush of exploration and drilling such as the world has never seen, and those who have positioned themselves in the industry before the coming boom will make out like bandits.

At Offshore Oil Rigworker Jobs, we endeavor to provide everything you need to land a job offshore. We have sections on all the main job categories, required training, resume building, and where to apply. Be sure and check out our feedback on a couple of the better job finding resources available, that we have found extremely helpful for finding work offshore: Rigworker is well known in the industry as a premier service for helping people find offshore jobs, and will put your job search efforts into overdrive. The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit, has assisted thousands in applying directly to those employers that are now hiring.

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